Jaydas Critter House

Specializing in Chinchillas & Fancy Rats


Jaydas Critter House is located near Port Huron, Michigan. Offering show quality chinchillas as pets, we also have a soft spot for rescue animals. Here you'll find pages on both areas of JCH - our breeding animals, and more importantly, our rescue kids.

Even with 15 years experience having small critters as a part of our family,  we're always striving to learn new things. On this site you'll find information  about our chinchillas, and our rescue/foster animals, as well as links to other pet sites, forums, stores, rescues and resources.

If you are interested in aquiring a new pet for your family, please fill out the Adoption Application and we will get back with you regarding the available critters. There is also a link to make an appointment to meet with us, see the animals, and simply chat about anything on your mind.

For those in need of assistance in rehoming their pets, we ask you fill out the Surrender Form. We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss possiblities for your furred family member.